Our ideas for the menu are inspired by traveling around the globe and our love of Croatia food and products. Classic Croatian dishes and contemporary creations shape the menu which is complimented by a wide selection of fresh and tasty drinks and local wines to satisfy all of your cravings.

We also have a good variety of products for vegetarians and vegans, variations of gluten free products as well as options for customers with lactose intolerance. We pride ourselves in using as much as possible handmade, local grown and organic products from our own farm. We purchase our olive oil, cheese, vine and other products from authentic local producers and farmers.

Croatia has a lot of high quality products such as olive oil, cheese, ham and has a variety of vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood. Traditional Croatian and Dalmatian kitchen is very rich, healthy, versatile and offers much more than ćevapi and pizza. This is what we don´t offer dishes you can find everywhere, we offer dishes, taste and products, you will nowhere find...

Sharing food is an integral part of Croatian culture. Food brings the community together in an unexplainable way that becomes a part of life. So most of our dishes from the evening menu are to share - in old Croatian Tradition.

We only accept reservations by email, phone or this page. For this please use the reservation request form below. The table is only reserved when you got a confirmation from us. If you are running late, please let us know, otherwise we will give you table away after 10 minutes and you will have to wait for a new table. If you are less than you planned, please let us know, otherwise you will need to wait for a table with a right size for the number of your guests. If you don´t need your table anymore, please cancel your reseravtion so we don´t need to wait for you and can give the table to other guests.

For Braksfast & Lunch we take only reservations starting from 6 guests. If you are less than 6 and have a special occasion like Birthday or wedding day, we will make an exception and make a reservation for you, herefore plese write us an eMail.

For the Dinner we take reservations from 1 Person for a two hours Slot.

If you need a reservation for more than 14 guests, please write us an eMail. We will need you credit card details to confirm your reservation. You can still cancel your reservation till 07:00 for Breakfast and 17:00 for Dinner at the same day without any fees charged. If the cancelations comes in the last minute or you don´t come at all without any notice we will charge 25€ per person.

Sometimes we are not able to answer the phone (we do not have a call center and if it´s busy we can´t take every call - so better write us - you always get an answer! Check also SPAM! ).

For special private events with three or four course menu, company events, weddings, cooking classes & tastings send us an email to get an individual offer, herefore we will need 30% deposit, after the booking. More information:

Not available

Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

Breakfast is the best meal of the day when you are on holidays!

We are rated Number 1 for Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch on TripAdvisor and other rating pages. We have a big choice of salty and sweet breakfast combination with our own products or products from local farmers. We produce as much as possible by ourselves, use organic products and try to be as much as possible seasonal and CO2 neutral. Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten free options are available.

Tuesday - Sunday
08:00 — 14:00

If you have a hotel, hostel or apartments and you need a delicious breakfast for your guests, contact us for special rates!

If you need an offer for a group write us on


An old Dalmatian Tradition is sharing food. Come and try as much as possible from our menu and experience sharing like a dalmatian family!

We use only fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. Most of them are homemade and organic from our own farm or local producers.

We also offer private events with a three or four course menu, weddings, cooking classes and tastings. Please send us your request on For more information, see our website


We have a fresh brewed Italian coffee, cold pressed juices, a good variety of gin and tonic waters, fancy cocktails and big selection of Croatian wines. We work directly with Croatian wineries and provide special wines which you can not find at lot of other places or super markets.