About us

Hmmmmm what to say about us … ok we try a short version!

Who is behind Ćiri Biri Bela?

People often ask us, where the idea for Ćiri Biri Bela, where you can eat, sleep and shop came from. Well, it came from the house itself! But first we go back in the story … Ćiro, son of Croatian workers from Imotski, small city in Dalmatia, about 60 km from Split, were born in Germany 1977, during his parents worked there.

Every year in the summer the whole family spent their whole holidays in Croatia and he never lost a strong bond with people and culture. Ćiro decided to be a cook in the very early age, because he loved to cook with his grandma as he was a child. He got his diploma after a three years training in a *****Hotel and now can look back on a 25 years cooking experience and a 15 years Chef experience after working in some high class hotels and restaurants in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Ćiro recently had great success with his restaurant „Culatello“ in Darmstadt for many years. It was on 1st place on Tripadvisor as the best restaurant in town.

In the year 2008 Ćiro met his wife. She brought travelling and a healthy, creative life style to his life. As a food lovers they started to travel together and eat all around the world from Brasil to Lappland and collect all the good food ideas and tastes all over the world and started to develop his own recipes and ideas based on all his experiences. Today she is responsible for the Design & Marketing.

So back to the story: One day Ćiro decided to go back to his home country and find a perfect location where he can offer the guests stunning, incredibly tasty and mouthwatering dishes made with love, combining local sustainable and socially responsible products. He sold everything what he had and found this house or better the house found him, which was perfect for his ideas. He got the contract and opened in July 2018 after six month of hard work. So he created a place for local fresh and healthy food lovers & friends to enjoy, eat, sleep and shop and have fun. Surrounded by good Vibes only. Why it called Ćiri Biri Bela? It is a old Dalmatian song, every child knows. It is an earwig, what we hope will also our food be for your mouth!

He also run Cucina Mare cooking school with cooking classes, restaurant and catering in Split, in the back of the Plinarska ulica 6. The mission: to show people all over the world who come to split to know more about the people and the country, traditional authentic Croatian food. The country has a lot of high quality products as olive oil, cheese, ham and has a variety of vegetables, fruits, fisch and seafood, is very rich, healthy and versatil. A lot of recipes are over 100 years and are owned by the family. So if you want learn more about Croatian food and cook a Croatian three course menu by yourself - just join one of our cooking classes! For reservations call us oder text us one day in advance.